About Us

JT MAC & Associates, LLC. is a trusted partner for surety bond, specializing in commercial and transportation construction. With over 50 years combined in the surety business, we provide services designed to help any size contractor.

Are you interested in improving or increasing your current bond program?

JT MAC & Associates, LLC. has developed surety support programs and services designed to help small contractors improve bonding capacity and gain access to larger contracts. We proudly represent all major surety companies doing business in this region – from small specialty to large standard market companies.

Our clients know our commitment to develop and then maintain a bond program to meet their individual needs. Our main objective is to provide the best possible service to our clients. With 24-hour turnaround service and one-on-one interaction with Jeff McIntosh, you will find JT MAC & Associates, LLC. is the right surety partner to help you obtain both short and long term goals.

Jeff McIntosh

Jeff is a second generation surety professional and has over 25 years of surety experience. He graduated with a bachelor degree in business from the University of North Texas in 1988 with a major in Insurance. Jeff has worked for both large insurance companies as well as large insurance brokers. His expertise covers a wide range of knowledge regardless the size of a contractor or type of work that contractor performs on a daily basis. His goal is to match up a client with the correct surety company so the client can achieve the best bond program available.

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